Get Your Hot Tamales Fried Chicken And More At These Top Jackson MS Restaurants

Get Your Hot Tamales Fried Chicken And More At These Top Jackson MS Restaurants

Four more restaurants from Jackson MS are coming your way, and you have been introduced to quite a few from the city already. When you arrive in the capital city, you have to know what’s good to eat. You don’t want to end up at the barbecue restaurant that everyone avoids, and you don’t want to have a disappointing meal, period. Check out these great Jackson MS restaurants, and see if your stomach doesn’t thank me.

Frank Jones Corner is on North Farish Street, and this establishment is known for serving up both great drinks and great food. Reviews mention that you get to listen to some great blues music while you are there, and the burgers are said to be a favorite. Frank Jones Corner is said to stay open late, and that is good to know, too.

Two Sisters Deli is on West Woodrow Wilson Avenue, and it is known for having the best fried chicken. See, you might not have known that just by looking at the name of the restaurant. It certainly caught me off guard, as I was just planning on telling you about a nice deli to stop by for some lunch. If you feel like having a picnic somewhere in Jackson, I bet this would be a great place to order food and take it with you.

This next place sounds really cool, and it is called Flap’s Hot Tamales. Located on Handy Avenue, Flap’s Hot Tamales is said to use a secret recipe. As a matter of fact, they post it on their sign. The recipe comes from the Mississippi Delta, and this establishment is also known for delicious chili and much more.

I haven’t reviewed a sushi restaurant in Jackson for you yet, so let’s take a look at Sakura Bana. It is on I 55 North, and reviews mention all different kinds of fresh sushi. One person talks about this establishment being his favorite spot for sushi, and that he has been going to Sakura Bana for 15 years. Now that is loyal customer and a testament to the quality of the sushi.

You’ve got sushi, tamales, fried chicken and late night eats at a blues restaurant. Out of those four options, that fried chicken is calling my name. I’m not really a sushi fan, but maybe you are. The residents of Jackson MS know their food, and it shows.

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